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Our Jams and Sauces

Portland Strawberry Jams and Sauces are made from scratch using our own and local produce. These include Strawberry Jam, Strawberry Balsamic Jam, Strawberry Chili Jam, Strawberry Raspberry Jam, Mixed Berry Jam, Strawberry Relish, Strawberry topping, Strawberry Raspberry Sauce


Dickins’ Delight Products

Dickins’ Delight Products are made locally in Mount Gambier. They make a great dipping chocolate which compliment our strawberries beautifully, along with their bottled chocolate and salted caramel sauces. Also on our shelves we have there award winning Bacon Jam, Toffees, Rocky Road and Caramel Corn.


Glenelg Chocolates

Glenelg chocolates are created at there shop and factory site at Coleraine Victoria. You will find there delicious continental chocolates on our shelves where they have been very popular for many a year.


Ice Cream

Portland Strawberries Ice Cream is made from scratch and churned on our premises

Our most popular is Strawberry which sold by the cone or takeaway tubs.

We also make a Dairy Free and Vegan Strawberry Ice Cream option.

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